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Find out how you can transform your organization into a caring workplace and gain insights that can shape decision-making, enhance relationships, and foster a values-driven environment, through our Caring Workplace Programme. 

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The Care Framework

Care Technology

Harnessing the power of technology to prioritize care in all aspects, we offer comprehensive consultancy services tailored to your organization’s needs.   

Caring Workplaces

We’re all about real change. We help businesses do great things, make a positive impact, and build a supportive place for everyone who works there.    

Self Care

In a world that demands so much, the art of self-care remains critically undervalued. We spotlight this essential aspect of care, recognizing that the journey to caring for others begins with caring for oneself. 

Care for the world

We extend our ethos of care beyond the immediate to embrace our wider community and the planet. 

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What our
customers say

I recently attended a GDPR training session with Rosemary. Aimed at small business owners, Rosemary was able to take the regulations and show in very easy to understand language how they pertained to and should be adopted within an SME. No scare tactics. Just practical advice that could be easily implemented. I would fully recommend booking a session with Rosemary if you are in any way confused about your data protection obligations.

Lissa McPhillips
Dynamic Marketing

As a consultant, Rosemary continuously showed her utter commitment to those she served. I would highly recommend the services and professionalism that Rosemary offers to all who wish to avail of her services.


Rosemary has provided valuable support and advice to Mercy International Association (MIA) in our efforts to ensure that we are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. She has worked very well with members of staff and all concerned have experienced her interest in their work. She conveys a sense of quiet competence which is both reassuring and encouraging.

Mercy International Association

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