Cookie Policy

1. What is this notice about?

This notice explains how RMDK Consultancy t/a The Care Advocate place, use and manage cookies on our website We use a minimal number of cookies on our website and review our cookie settings every six months to ensure all cookies are still relevant and necessary.

When you first landed on this website, a cookie banner appeared. This banner explains what cookies are on the website and allows you to choose to accept or reject cookies that require your consent. You can update your choices at any time by returning to this banner by clicking the icon on the lower left of the page.

Please see our Privacy Notice for more information about how we collect, store, manage and protect your personal data.

This notice may be updated from time to time. Last updated: 23rd April 2024

2. Why is this information important?

It is important for us to explain to you in a transparent manner how our website works and why we use cookies. As an organisation we operate to the best standards of care and protection of your privacy and data protection.

It is important that you understand how our website uses cookies so that you can make informed decisions about your choice to consent or not to the cookies on this website. If you are still not sure after reading this notice, please contact

3. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer and are commonly used on the internet.

There are two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary files which are erased when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies remain until you delete them manually or they are deleted automatically based on their life-span.

Cookies have different purposes. Some are technically necessary to enable the website to work. You cannot opt-out of these cookies because the website will not work without them. We call these “Strictly Necessary” cookies.

Cookies on this website are also defined as functional, performance analytics and social media and marketing. These are outlined in the cookie banner and in the table below.

4. What types of cookies are used and why?

For our website the following cookies are used that you can accept or refuse in the cookie

  • Functional: a functional cookie is there to add value or enhance your experience of
    the website. They allow the website to remember choices that you have made as well
    as providing you with a service such as watching a video, posting a comment, or
    reading a book.
    [Our website has iframes from our third-party service providers. Iframes are a tool
    that allow content to be embedded on our website such as the blog comments or our
    digital content].
    If you do not wish to have these cookies enabled, you can use the cookie banner to
    refuse them. However, in this instance, you may not be able to use certain functions
    of the website.
  • Performance: Performance cookies allow us to see how well our website is
    performing. The information that is collected is aggregated and anonymous and is only
    used to help understand how the website works.
    We use first-party analytics for this website. This means that the aggregated data is
    for our information only and is not shared with any third parties.
    [We use Google Analytics as our first-party analytics tool and more information on this
    is provided in section 7 below. We do not any third party analytics cookies on this
  • Social Media: These cookies or plugins enable you to like or share content with various
    social media services. You may notice buttons from Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
    at the bottom of the homepage or content pages on the website.
    The social links in the footer are external links which open the social media website in
    a new tab. They are like any other external link which brings you to another site. Once
    you are on this site, we don’t have any control over any cookies that might be placed.
    There is no information transmitted by including them on the page.
    The social sharing buttons are also external links. Any cookies that are set are by the
    third party website (e.g. Facebook), and are set once you go to the website. This is
    done on their site and we do not have control over this.
    Our website may contain links to Facebook as well, such as through the Facebook “Like” or “Share” button or other social plug-ins. When you interact with these features and links, your browser will establish a direct link with the Facebook servers, and Facebook will receive information about your browser and activity, and may link it to your Facebook user account. For more information about how Facebook uses data, please see Facebook’s own policies.
    As the social media tools on our website do not place cookies, they are not included in our cookie banner.
  • Marketing
    We do not use these cookies on our website
5. How long is information stored for?

The table below details the storage length of the cookies used on our website.

6. Can users manage their cookie preferences?

Yes, as well as managing your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the cookie banner icon, you can set your browser to block and manage cookies as well by changing the settings in your browser preferences.

Please note: If you use your browser preferences to block all cookies (including strictly necessary cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.
Browser manufacturers provide help pages relating to cookie management in their products. Please check your preferred browser for this information.

7. Use of Google Analytics

The Google Analytics cookies provide basic, non-personal overview of the website’s traffic and performance. [ ] manage the Google analytics account on behalf of our business and we have a Data Processor Agreement in place with this service provider.

The following information is collected by default from users of our website:

  • Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page of the webpages
  • Referring site details (such as the URL a user came through to arrive at this site)
  • Type of web browser
  • Type of operating system (OS)
  • Flash version, JavaScript support, screen resolution, and screen color processing ability
  • Network location and IP address
  • Document downloads
  • Clicks on links leading to external websites
  • Errors when users fill out forms
  • Clicks on videos
  • Scroll depth
  • Interactions with site-specific widgets.

Google Analytics Terms of Service prohibits the collection of personally identifiable data such as name, email address, or billing information.

There are a number of ways that you can stop our website from collecting usage data about you via Google Analytics.

  • Use the cookie consent banner to refuse consent to performance cookies
  • Disable Javascript in your browser
  • Use Google’s Opt-out browser add-on
  • Use a third-party tool such as Disconnect, Ghostery or Do No Track Me

For a full list of Google Analytics Policies please review the information at the link below

For comprehensive information about how Google uses information, including How you can control the information collected by Google on these sites and apps please review the information at the link below

8. Is information transferred outside the EU or kept on servers within the EU?

As an organization we do not transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA.

However, we use a limited selection of reputable and carefully chosen third parties to provide services on the website. These services may transfer information outside the EU/EEA. For a list of the third parties and links to their privacy policies please see our Privacy Notice