Managerial Perspective – Supporting Family Carers with the Care Advocate

John, a manager in a large organisation, discovered the diverse caregiving responsibilities of several employees almost by chance. This realization prompted him to consider a more systematic approach to support employees who balance work with significant family caregiving duties. To address this, he partnered with the Care Advocate as specialists in supporting workplace family carers, to educate the workforce and implement supportive measures.

  1. A) Educational Workshops by The Care Advocate:

The Care Advocate conducted workshops to:

Increase Awareness and educate staff on the complexities of family caregiving.

Build Empathy and encourage a culture that supports employees to disclose their caregiving roles without fear of stigma.

Explore Flexibility to support family caregivers with their responsibilities while ensuring that they were able to meet their work responsibilities.

  1. B) The Caring Workplace Programme:

This Bronze Level Carer Workplace programme was implemented to develop processes to address queries such as:

Identification: how can employees identify as family carers without fear and without stigma.

Communication: how can the organisation inform family carers in the workplace on the supports available to them


The initiative led to:

Improved Retention and Morale: Employees felt supported and valued and more committed the organisation

Boosted Productivity: Employees who are also c                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              arers were able to perform effectively, benefiting from tailored support and flexibility.

Enhanced Organisational Culture: The overall culture improved, fostering inclusivity and empathy among all staff.