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A series of articles, interviews and podcasts that illuminates and explains the mission and vision of The Care Advocate in advocating for a world where care is prioritised, visible and valued.

Content on various topics around the value of care in our modern world.

IGHNx talk

Watch Rosemary speak at the 2023 the Irish Global Health Network IGHNx event on the topic of “Caring for the Carers.”

Your Truth Shared

In this episode, Rosemary speaks about the power of purpose in developing her business. Hear how her story serves as a powerful reminder that aligning personal growth with entrepreneurial pursuits can lead to positive change.

Dublin City FM

Rosemary speaks on “Making a Difference” with her business The Care Advocate.

The Irish Examiner

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SME Community

Listen as Rosemary shares her insights on GDPR for SMEs. This podcast from 2020.


Care in technology

We believe that GDPR compliance should be practical and accessible to all, no matter how big or small your business or organisation. For this reason, all bespoke templates used by The Care Advocate are available to purchase below.